About Us

From Bamboo to Building

At Kanger, our journey began with a dedication to crafting high-quality bamboo flooring, furniture and related products for both residential and commercial markets. Collaborating with an original equipment manufacturer ("OEM"), we consistently met and exceeded the demands of our valued customers.

As part of our forward-looking strategy, we are embarking on a transformative phase to align our business with long-term goals. The focal point of this evolution is a deliberate shift toward concentrating on the construction segment.

To achieve this strategic objective, we have strategically divested our China subsidiaries. Ganzhou Kanger Industrial Co. Ltd ("Ganzhou Kanger"), which was previously engaged in bamboo manufacturing, trading, as well as property and investment management, is now part of our legacy. Similarly, Yanshan (County) Kanger Bamboo Industry Co. Ltd. ("Yanshan Kanger"), known for its involvement in manufacturing and trading bamboo flooring and related products, has also transitioned.

This redefined focus is a testament to our commitment to innovation and growth within the construction sector. As we usher in this new era, Kanger is poised to continue delivering excellence in line with the evolving needs of our industry and customers. Explore our revitalized journey as we build a future grounded in quality and purpose.